Measure emotions to enhance your understanding of people

Our AI-based software measures 6 universal emotions and 101 secondary emotions to predict consumer behavior for more informed decision making.

Ads & emotions

Measure the emotional impact of advertising campaigns through facial recognition technology. This software gives insight into the target audience’s levels of emotional activation and engagement, helping gauge its strengths and weaknesses.


Use facial recognition technology in real-time focus groups to measure participant moods, emotional activation, and the overall impact of different topics through an emotional profile to better understand the impacts of group discussions.

User experience

Determine the emotional impact of specific interface elements by measuring user activation, engagement and experience while using the interface.

Product Testing

Gauge the emotional and unconscious responses of consumers to a particular product to predict the success of a new release or introduce improvements to existing products.

Emotional branding impact

Discover the emotional impact of a brand, packaging design, or advertising message, using eye-tracking technology to measure areas of focus and associated emotions with brand elements.

Use our facial emotion recognition and eye tracking technology to understand how people feel in real life and real time

Emotional analytics

We measure the 6 basic emotions: happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, fear, sadness and the absence of any emotion which is neutrality.

Emotional metrics

We measure 4 emotional metrics which are: satisfaction, activation, engagement and experience.

Eye tracking

Know where the user is paying attention and examine the heatmap.


9 types of customizable questions for surveys: basic text, numeric, selector, date, opinion scale, yes/no, image selector, rating and multiple selector.


They are a stable emotional attitude, lasting and prolonged over time. There are 8 main moods: exuberant, dependent, relaxed, docile, hostile, anxious, disdainful and bored.


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