B2B Audience

Insights from high level business decision makers

Eyes4research provides you with direct access to qualified business professionals and high level influencers in Banking, IT, Healthcare, Human Resources and other industry sectors.

In addition to general profile demo, our business panel is segmented by industry, job title, company size, revenue, role, responsibility and other occupational attributes, giving our clients a wealth of information to complete their b2b projects.

Sectors and Occupations

Our panels are specifically designed and recruited to target high quality b2b research participants that will meet the toughest screening criteria for all your research studies. We'll help you target the following:

Business profile dimensions

  • Age of Company
  • Budget Oversight
  • Business Travel Business-Related
  • Computer Brand
  • Computer Opertating System
  • Computer Usage
  • Decision-Making
  • Income Industry
  • IT-Related
  • Job Role/Title
  • Linkedin Usage
  • Mobile Phone Usage
  • Number of Employees
  • Number of Locations
  • Office Location-Type
  • Office Equipment Used
  • Organizational Revenue
  • Total Investable Assets

Download the panelbook to learn more about our B2B Audience.


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