Powerful insight platform for day to day business intelligence

Leverage a suite of enterprise research solutions under one roof

Intuitive, robust survey software

First class enterprise research solutions for the savvy researcher who's looking to go beyond the cookie cutter approach. Features include conjoint analysis, MaxDiff analysis, regression, card sorting, and the ability to collect online and offline data in the moment.

Top of the line community software for research

Get more value from your existing customers. Our community platform will allow you to create a member portal, recruit, profile, incentivize and invite respondents to participate in ad-hoc and longitudinal research studies

Ad & concept measurement

We use AI and facial recongnition technology to determine which print, video or digital ads resonate with consumers.

Use our tools to solve the most challenging research problems in the industry

Choice based analysis

Simulate market conditions and track and monitor preferences by using conjoint analysis, max diff analysis, card sorting, etc.

Market trends

Monitor market dynamics and stay insulated from shocks which will allow you to constantly be above the curve.

Market segmentation

Monitor behavior across various geographies and demographics. Make informed decisions on positioning based on value.

Competitive benchmarking

Identify gaps in relation to your biggest competitors and clamp down on your biggest differentiators.

Purchase behavior

Identify purchasing behavior including various aspects such as price sensitivity and trade-offs to assign optimum pricing models.

Products & Service research

Listen and act on what your customers and audience want, to stay above the competition and reduce churn.

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