About Us

Your business needs to be nimble- now more than ever. The research you conduct to reach and retain your customers is critical, and you need to get it right the first time. Eyes4Research specializes in online and offline data collection, using a suite of innovative custom software solutions.

Our superpower is developing and managing specialty research panels that span a wide range of audiences- gamers, building contractors, homeowners, likely voters, small business owners, college students, and wine enthusiasts, among many other in-demand audiences. Need better insight for your research? Eyes4Research provides access to a strong sample of your intended target audience.

Years of professional experience combined with the latest in research and sampling technology empowers us to collect valuable insights from our respondents for our clients.

But we are more than the sum of our parts as a research and data collection firm. Our strategic partnerships both in and outside of the industry allow us to be uniquely positioned to provide deep insights from across a wide variety of groups, many of whom are not always well-represented in market research audiences. We told you what our superpower is as a company- our core values mean that we also want to tap into the superpower of humanity- which is its diversity.


Our Philosophy


We believe in equity and inclusion

Talent and ability are not the domain of a select group of people. We believe that everyone has the potential to do something great and that everyone should be given an opportunity to shine. We believe in having genuine diversity of thought and background at the table. We do our best work that way.


We believe in ideas and innovation

Ideas are what drive us. Innovation is what keeps us on our toes. We believe in providing the perfect alchemy of both for our clients. Our clients come to us looking for new ideas and new ways of achieving results.


We believe in respecting those we work with and work for

Without respect, a team can't be its best. We believe that in order to get respect, you have to give it. Treating everyone, both team members and clients, with the utmost respect is how we do business and how we do life.


We believe in work, life, and balance

Work is supposed to be part of life, not all of life. We believe that work and real life are supposed to be intentionally balanced. Sometimes, life gets in the way on a Tuesday afternoon, and we have to step away from our desks.

Steve Machin

Professor of Economics/LSE

Eyes4Research provided outstanding support managing a large scale survey we conducted in the United Kingdom. The team works with high professional standards, competency and provided timely delivery throughout the project.”

Medona Joseph

VP/JP Morgan Chase

The team at Eyes4Research worked with me not only for getting consensus on the presentation, but also accommodated my inclusion criteria without hesitation. Additionally, I loved the dashboard and the features available for reporting.”

Steve Anderson

President/Tru RX

We have used eyes4research for a number of internal product and marketing projects. We have found their services to be professional, accommodating and responsive. The quality of their audience is top notch and their data is very reliable.”

Dominique Jones

UI/UX iRobot

The team at Eyes4Research provided us with quick answers to complicated questions. Their personal support allows us to launch surveys at short notice, while the online dashboard makes it easy to analyze responses and visualize the results.”

Jim Kitchens

Founder/Kitchens Group

After working with the team from eyes4research, we decided to move all our survey research to online, and now we are able to conduct research fast, less expensive, and with more accurate samples than ever in our business history.”

Steve machin
Madonna joseph
Steve anderson
Dominique jones
Jim kitchens