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We conduct primary research monthly on a number of industry hot topics, covering B2B and B2C audiences in IT, Retail, Pharma, Tourism, Education and more. Gain better insight of your industry by downloading our reports and infographics free of charge.


Holistic Pet Care Infographic

A detailed infographic based on the holistic pet care survey conducted in April. The survey was designed to understand and gain insights and usage of various holistic pet products. The infographic consists of more than 25 data points including holistic pet spending, brand awareness, shopping behavior , treatments and more….

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Holistic Pet Care Report

This research was designed to obtaininsights on holistic pet care by dog andcat owners. Insights obtained includetheir awareness and usage of variousholistic pet products. Survey wasconducted online with more than 300small pet owners who indicated that theycurrently use holistic pet product.

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U.S. Automobile Study Infographic

Detailed infographic based the US Automobile consumer study conducted in Q1 2021. The infographic is a detailed, visual report covering a number of key data points from the full report. 3000 respondents participated in the study, over a course of a month. Over 30 data points are included in the infographic.

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A Study on the US Auto Industry

An online survey conducted with more than 3000 respondents, who currently own and drive a vehicle, and are looking to purchase a new or used vehicle in the next 12 months. The objectives of this research are to obtain insights on consumer vehicle shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The World of Gaming

Eyes4Research surveyed 1,034 gamers to learn more about who plays video games, how they like to play them, and their gaming gear spending habits. Gamers are a diverse and engaged group and they are willing to invest the time and money to play the games they enjoy.

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Advertising report

Eyes4Research surveyed 500 consumers to learn more about what consumers think about the advertising they see across all platforms – digital and televised, as well as traditional advertising, like billboards and mailers.While consumers are inundated with advertising seemingly everywhere
they go, they are often only truly engaged with the ads they see in especially specific circumstances in order to influence their purchasing decisions.

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Steve Machin

Professor of Economics/LSE

Eyes4Research provided outstanding support managing a large scale survey we conducted in the United Kingdom. The team works with high professional standards, competency and provided timely delivery throughout the project.”

Medona Joseph

VP/JP Morgan Chase

The team at Eyes4Research worked with me not only for getting consensus on the presentation, but also accommodated my inclusion criteria without hesitation. Additionally, I loved the dashboard and the features available for reporting.”

Steve Anderson

President/Tru RX

We have used eyes4research for a number of internal product and marketing projects. We have found their services to be professional, accommodating and responsive. The quality of their audience is top notch and their data is very reliable.”

Dominique Jones

UI/UX iRobot

The team at Eyes4Research provided us with quick answers to complicated questions. Their personal support allows us to launch surveys at short notice, while the online dashboard makes it easy to analyze responses and visualize the results.”

Jim Kitchens

Founder/Kitchens Group

After working with the team from eyes4research, we decided to move all our survey research to online, and now we are able to conduct research fast, less expensive, and with more accurate samples than ever in our business history.”

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