Why you need a research community

Collect real time feedback by developing an online community that fits the needs of your audience. Engage your customers on an ongoing basis to collect valuable insight that will translate into business intelligence. Communicate via online surveys and chats, using our dedicated mobile app to capture respondents in the moment for IHUT studies.

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Community Engagement

A community insight platform integrated with our research studio that consists of a number of research solutions to encourage panel engagement and uncover actionable earned data.

Engage panelists using simple to complex surveys, polls and other activities.

Use our online chat to gain better qualitative insights, through whiteboards, moderator’s guide, videos and audio files.

Forum participation to facilitate conversation between community members and capture real time qualitative feedback

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Community Reporting & Analysis

Take advantage of advanced reporting and analytics to uncover the true health of your community.

Robust community reporting on member retention and attrition, survey completion, incentive distribution and management

Use advanced analytics such as CHAID, Turf, GAP and sentiment analysis to uncover critical insight on customer segments

Create and share reports with other stakeholders in your organization or export to a variety of formats to include in your presentation.

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Additional features

Use our facial emotion recognition and eye tracking technology to understand how people feel in real life and real time


Centralized community web portal

Stay connected with our all in one community web portal. From reminders, engagement tools, analytics, dashboard, and a built in communication system.


Panel management software

Target segments of your panels to send surveys and emails with our built-in panel management software.


All-in-one dashboard

Download our survey app for iPad to capture and locally store real-time data to sync when you are back online.


Qualitative solutions

Use our online and mobile community platform experience to get members and responses from every facet.


Mobile integration

Access surveys, reports, and discussions from the community web portal in real-time on any mobile device.


Social media integration

Social media integration makes it easy for community members to join, share information, and recruit participants using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Steve Machin

Professor of Economics/LSE

Eyes4Research provided outstanding support managing a large scale survey we conducted in the United Kingdom. The team works with high professional standards, competency and provided timely delivery throughout the project.”

Medona Joseph

VP/JP Morgan Chase

The team at Eyes4Research worked with me not only for getting consensus on the presentation, but also accommodated my inclusion criteria without hesitation. Additionally, I loved the dashboard and the features available for reporting.”

Steve Anderson

President/Tru RX

We have used eyes4research for a number of internal product and marketing projects. We have found their services to be professional, accommodating and responsive. The quality of their audience is top notch and their data is very reliable.”

Dominique Jones

UI/UX iRobot

The team at Eyes4Research provided us with quick answers to complicated questions. Their personal support allows us to launch surveys at short notice, while the online dashboard makes it easy to analyze responses and visualize the results.”

Jim Kitchens

Founder/Kitchens Group

After working with the team from eyes4research, we decided to move all our survey research to online, and now we are able to conduct research fast, less expensive, and with more accurate samples than ever in our business history.”

Steve machin
Madonna joseph
Steve anderson
Dominique jones
Jim kitchens