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  • Jul 28, 2022 | Eyes4Research Posted by admin

Going it Alone: 5 Things Solo Travelers Want

Even before the desire to escape the prolonged isolation of lockdown, or to break free of the never-ending ‘togetherness’ of quarantining with family, there was already a steady rise in solo travel, with women leading the way. In a recent survey, 58% of solo traveler respondents said that they prefer to travel alone because they don’t have to wait for anyone else to decide to join them.  Solo travelers are a deeply engaged market, and five simple things will keep them motivated to keep booking, year after year.

Ample time to plan: Technology has made it easier than ever to plan a trip, and solo travelers take time to plan their adventures carefully, whether they dream of a quick long weekend trip or a more intensive six-month sabbatical.  Tools like Google and TripAdvisor are helpful to learn more about a location and what to do there, and more and more solo travelers are looking to influencers to help them decide how to spend their time away. Not having to take the priorities of others into account makes for a more tailor-made experience that makes the effort all the more worthwhile. 

Reliable Tour Companies: For those solo travelers who want the security of a tour company as the foundation of their trip, the appearance of safety and professionalism is paramount. Travelers want to know that medical attention will be readily available and reliable if they need it. When they look at the website of a tour company, they want to see clearly defined safety protocols in place. In addition to feeling secure, travelers also want to know that the tour operators truly love what they do and are passionate about traveling themselves. This tells them that their experiences with that tour company will be unique.

Tour operators with deep experience as travelers will know which amenities will be most appreciated by their guests, like airport pickup and dropoff.  Little details like this make a big difference. Offering liability waivers add that extra level of insurance that every traveler will appreciate and remember. 

Details Matter: After potential travelers have taken the time to gather information about the locations they want to visit, they will turn their attention to the lodging options.  Even those who have less concern for budget will still want to compare what each property has to offer and make a decision. 

Travelers must be given specific and accurate details about what each lodging option has to offer, for both short and long-term stays. And while gorgeous photos of a crystal blue pool are nice, when it comes to the reviews, the devil is indeed in the details– potential travelers are used to using reviews as a primary source of information, as reputations are made or broken in what others have to say.

Exceptional In-Destination Experiences: Some solo travelers like to explore entirely on their own.  Others enjoy the opportunities to make new connections with people while being part of a group.  Tour groups that provide travelers the chance to try something new, like kayaking or scuba diving, while also being able to make new friends at the same time offer more socially inclined participants a more layered experience.

A Mix of Booking Options: It’s safe to assume that people who would be more interested in traveling alone might also be open to booking some excursions once they are at their destination. They often rely on a tip from a local or a recommendation from the front desk attendant at their hotel.  But even those who do love a touch of spontaneity still want to be able to book their last-minute activity online, preferably, right on their phones. Making the booking process as seamless as possible, with a variety of advance and last-minute reservations, is ideal. 

With solo travel continuing to surge after the height of the pandemic, it’s clear that unique experiences, attention to safety, and thoughtful amenities are all things that these travelers look for when deciding where, and with whom to book their next trip. 

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