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Healthcare Gets Personal: 3 Ways to Optimize Personalized Healthcare

Like many other areas in our lives, healthcare is trending towards a more personalized and targeted patient experience. The COVID-19 pandemic led to the expanded use of telehealth services, which patients have continued to use for the sake of both convenience and privacy. And preventative care is more effective when medical care is tailored to the patient and is supported with careful follow-up by healthcare providers. Here are three ways to optimize personalized healthcare to benefit both patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Refine Patient-Doctor Communication

More targeted, personalized healthcare also means that healthcare providers can and should do a better job with how they communicate with patients, especially regarding important follow-up care post-surgery. Simple things, like giving clear, easily understandable instructions to patients after surgery, can prevent hospital readmissions as a result of infection or other issues.

A recent McKinsey study found that 33 percent of respondents stated that they had to pay high, unplanned medical costs due to reasons that they considered to have been avoidable at the time, such as poor communication from healthcare staff. Mitigating post-surgical complications can lead to better future health outcomes for the patient.

Make Better Use of Data

Patients are giving their healthcare providers more information about themselves than ever before. In return, they expect their patient experiences to be tailored to their needs and aligned with what their healthcare team already knows about them. It’s mind-boggling to think about how much data even one patient generates in their lifetime.

The fact that this data is more likely scattered in several different places (often with the intent to monetize it), makes it easy to see how poor communication has become a problem in healthcare. While protecting a patient’s data should be a priority, placing the patient in the center of the healthcare equation, and crafting a way to consolidate all the bits and pieces of data into one story of a patient’s health can lead to a true healthcare success story.

Collaborate for a Holistic Approach

Another way that intentionally personalized healthcare can better serve the patient is to embrace a more collaborative approach with other care providers in the patient’s healthcare community. It is already well-known that mental health and physical health are deeply connected.

If a patient feels better mentally, they will be in a better place to achieve physical recovery. Pulling in a patient’s therapist, nutritionist, psychologist, and other care providers into their treatment plan is a more holistic approach to healthcare. It can increase the chances of recovery, as well as be a major factor in effective preventative care.

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