New Research: Gamers and the Gaming Community

  • January 13, 2023

  • Eyes4Research

In our newest study, The World of Gaming, Eyes4Research surveyed 1,034 gamers to gather insights into who gamers are and to learn more about the larger gaming community. Contrary to what people usually think of when they imagine who the typical gamer is, our study found that gamers are a more diverse and dynamic group.

How Gamers Identify Themselves

As it relates to gender identity, most gamers generally tend to be males between the ages of 18-34, but our survey indicated that the adoption rate among women gamers is rapidly increasing, with 54.55% of the respondents stating that they describe themselves as female, and 2.9% stating that they describe themselves as non-binary. Regarding ethnicity, the majority of the respondents identified as White or African-American/Black. 5% of the respondents identified as Asian, and 17% as Other. 

Regarding the age breakdown of the gamers in our study, the majority of respondents stated they were between the ages of 18-44, with 12% stating that they are between 44-54, with 6% of the respondents indicating that they are over the age of 55. Disabled gamers were also represented in the study, with 25% stating that they have a disability or an impairment. 

The Gaming Community

Some gamers are perfectly content with solo gaming, while others find benefits in connecting with other gamers during in-person events and other activities to be an enjoyable part of their gaming experience. Being part of the gaming community is important for gamers, with 54.78% of respondents indicating that they consider themselves part of the larger gaming community. 48.09% stated that they would call themselves a ‘gamer’.  Connecting with other gamers is also a priority, with significant numbers of respondents indicating that they would be interested in attending online and in-person events related to gaming, like conventions or tournaments. 

As the way gamers engage with video games and other gamers continues to evolve, the gaming community itself is becoming more layered and more diverse. To read more about our new study on gamers and gaming, download our report, The World of Gaming.