The Contactless Experience: Hotels in the Post-Covid Era

  • September 20, 2020

  • Eyes4Research

As hotels begin to reopen amidst the pandemic, the guest experience may never look the same. In order to maintain social distancing guidelines, many hotels are adopting new technologies to limit interactions with other guests and staff members. These hotel tech trends aim to limit human interaction, creating a safer environment for guests to stay.

Tech Trends to look for

Hotels continue to integrate contactless technology into every facet of the guest experience. Here are a few trends that are taking the hospitality industry by storm.

  1. Check-in Kiosks

Waiting in line to check-in to a hotel may become a thing of the past. With the implementation of self-service kiosks, guests can complete the check-in and payment process without face-to-face interaction. This innovation comes as traveler’s become more tech-savvy, relying less on the assistance of human interaction. These kiosks may also eliminate the potential for overcrowded lobbies, keeping guests safe during the pandemic. 

2. Digital Concierge 

Guests may soon have all the services of the concierge at their fingertips. Hotels are now offering concierge services through in-room technology and downloadable apps to minimize human interaction. This innovative technology helps travelers make restaurant reservations, find excursions, and book transportation. This eliminates the need for human interaction, allowing guests to customize their travel experience without the middleman. 

3. Robotic Cleaning and Room Service

Robots may replace humans to clean hotel rooms and perform room service tasks. Many big hotel chains such as Hitlon and Marriott are deploying robots in their establishments to create a safe guest experience during the pandemic. In addition to delivering food and toiletries to hotel rooms, robots may also assist with room cleaning. With increased cleaning procedures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, robots help limit staff member’s exposure to unclean areas while utilizing advanced sanitation technology to deep clean rooms and communal areas.

4. Mobile Device Capabilities

With smartphones becoming an integral part of our lives, mobile check-in, key cards and room service apps are simplifying the guest experience. Traveler’s no longer have to worry about arriving on time for their reservation, as hotel apps make it possible to check-in anytime, anywhere. The traditional hotel key may also be replaced by a scannable QR code, 

Combining AI and human touch

Though an increasing number of hotels are embracing a contactless guest experience, the hospitality industry continues to value human interaction to enhance customer satisfaction. Finding ways to combine AI with human touch allows guests to customize their experience, as many hotels provide human assistance in addition to apps and technologies. This improves overall customer satisfaction as traveler’s can pick and choose how they want to check-in, access concierge services, and even order food. With this, human interaction in the hospitality industry is far from gone as nothing can replace a warm smile.