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Wearables, VR, and Other Cool Technology: What the Future Holds

  • February 1, 2023

  • Eyes4Research

Smartwatches, fitness/health trackers, and VR headsets have all become more common over the past few years. It is predicted that wearable technology will continue to rise in popularity, and companies are working on new and innovative ways to apply these technologies to our everyday lives. Here are 4 specific directions that wearables are headed in the near future. 

Lower Profile Products

As this type of technology increases in popularity, the future of everyday wearables could very well be in products that are more discreet in appearance.  Instead of looking like an obvious fitness band or a clip-on tracker, the new generation of wearables could largely end up looking more like jewelry or clothing, blending seamlessly into a user’s existing wardrobe. It is also possible that wearables may be hidden from view altogether in the form of a patch, similar to the nicotine patches that help smokers quit their habit. 

Some tech companies have already started to make the shift to products that have a lower visibility, such as smartwatches that have a traditional watch face instead of a screen. Also new on the market are pieces that look like rings, necklaces, and bracelets that track specific health metrics or alert family or friends of your location in case of a medical emergency. 

Longer Battery Life

Many current wearables have a rather short battery life, especially those that require a lot of processing power and need to be connected to the internet in order to function properly. This has led some developers to start looking toward alternative battery sources. One of the more interesting developments on this front is energy harvesting, where body heat, solar power, and even movement, can be harnessed as a way to power wearable technology. 

If energy harvesting were to become commonplace for wearables it would be a game changer. There would be no need to worry about the battery dying at inconvenient moments or having to deal with the hassle of needing to constantly recharge. With the battery life problem solved, wearables could become even more popular. 

Medical Wearables

Many of the wearables that are already popular, like Fitbit and Apple Watch, are intended to help users keep tabs on their health and fitness. But the next generation of health-focused wearables have been tasked with monitoring and solving medical issues. For example, there is an artificial pancreas in development for diabetics to monitor blood sugar levels and automatically administer insulin. 

Looking even further into the future of medical wearables, researchers are working on subdermal devices. This technology will be able to track many types of medical activity that are currently unavailable to the average user, like blood analysis, the effects of drugs, and other vital signs. These types of wearables are most likely not going to be available in the near future, but they have the potential to change the lives of many people currently dealing with chronic health issues. 

Using Wearables as Authentication

If you have been to a Disney theme park recently, you have already used a wearable to access your hotel room, rides, and other features around the park via their MagicBand. The future of seamless authentication will intersect with wearables and allow users to open the front door to their homes, get into concerts, and even bypass the checkout process while out shopping. 

There are even smart tattoos that are currently under development that could allow users to do all of the above. These smart tattoos are essentially high-tech temporary tattoos that carry and transfer information to smartphones and scanners. If these types of wearables become the standard in authenticating experiences, they could completely change the way we interact with the world, by speeding up everyday processes like hospital visits and security clearances. For a lot of things, waiting in line could become a thing of the past. 

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Top 5 Tech Gadgets for 2023

  • January 24, 2023

  • Eyes4Research

When it comes to tech devices and gadgets, most people have their weaknesses. Whether you’re someone who is always on the lookout for the latest drone camera or smart tools to help you stay fit, something that catches your eye can quickly become something that you absolutely need. At this stage, tech should make life easier, better, and more entertaining. Here are 5 products that make the cut. 

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle

While the average person might not need the 8 glasses of water a day, as has been previously thought, it still helps to have something nearby that makes it easier to stay hydrated. This water bottle and its free accompanying app connect with Bluetooth to ensure you never get dehydrated again. It has a futuristic feature across the entire bottle that glows to notify you that you are behind on your water consumption, then tracks your hydration throughout the day.

KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pocket Pico Projector

Long gone are the days of being tortured by friends’ and family’s vacation photos with an old-fashioned slide carousel. This small but mighty projector is about the size of a stack of sticky notes, but it can play movies and videos on a display of up to 100 inches and can plug into just about any device, including both iPhone and Android phones. 

PhoneSoap Pro UV Phone Sanitizer

It’s probably best not to think about the germs that might be lurking on the surface of the average phone. This smart gadget makes it simple to put minds at ease. Using the power of UV-C light, this sanitizer disinfects your entire phone (and other small objects), all while charging your phone in the process. The patented technology utilizes a germicidal UV-C light for 360-degree disinfection. Once your phone is clean, toss in your keys, jewelry, or glasses into the box for a quick tune-up. 

LG StanbyME Portable Stand Monitor

Laptops are great, but sometimes, you want the experience of a bigger monitor that can go where you go. Whether for a workout, movie night, or cooking along with a video in the kitchen, this monitor allows you to wirelessly connect with content from your phone, tablet, or laptop. With a battery life of 3 hours and a remote control, it makes it easy to binge-watch a few episodes of your favorite show without needing to reach the screen. 

Citizen CZ Hybrid Smartwatch

Sometimes watch people are not necessarily smartwatch people, but they like the idea of a multitasking timepiece. This watch is for those people. It looks like a standard Citizen watch, with a traditional face, but it ticks all the boxes of a tech-savvy smartwatch, including an impressive 15-day battery life. It can be connected to an app that keeps track of daily notifications as well as features that track health and fitness stats, like heart rate, sleep, walking distance, and calorie burn. You can choose the dial you want, as well as select which features you want to have immediately visible when you glance at the display. 

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New Research: Gamers and the Gaming Community

  • January 13, 2023

  • Eyes4Research

In our newest study, The World of Gaming, Eyes4Research surveyed 1,034 gamers to gather insights into who gamers are and to learn more about the larger gaming community. Contrary to what people usually think of when they imagine who the typical gamer is, our study found that gamers are a more diverse and dynamic group.

How Gamers Identify Themselves

As it relates to gender identity, most gamers generally tend to be males between the ages of 18-34, but our survey indicated that the adoption rate among women gamers is rapidly increasing, with 54.55% of the respondents stating that they describe themselves as female, and 2.9% stating that they describe themselves as non-binary. Regarding ethnicity, the majority of the respondents identified as White or African-American/Black. 5% of the respondents identified as Asian, and 17% as Other. 

Regarding the age breakdown of the gamers in our study, the majority of respondents stated they were between the ages of 18-44, with 12% stating that they are between 44-54, with 6% of the respondents indicating that they are over the age of 55. Disabled gamers were also represented in the study, with 25% stating that they have a disability or an impairment. 

The Gaming Community

Some gamers are perfectly content with solo gaming, while others find benefits in connecting with other gamers during in-person events and other activities to be an enjoyable part of their gaming experience. Being part of the gaming community is important for gamers, with 54.78% of respondents indicating that they consider themselves part of the larger gaming community. 48.09% stated that they would call themselves a ‘gamer’.  Connecting with other gamers is also a priority, with significant numbers of respondents indicating that they would be interested in attending online and in-person events related to gaming, like conventions or tournaments. 

As the way gamers engage with video games and other gamers continues to evolve, the gaming community itself is becoming more layered and more diverse. To read more about our new study on gamers and gaming, download our report, The World of Gaming.